Ernst Schowengerdt Family Mausoleum Preservation Society

Erected in 1886 by Ernst Schowengerdt
The Ernst Schowengerdt Family Mausoleum in Bellflower, Missouri
Photographed by Richard N. Schowengerdt on Memorial Day in 1997









To the decendants of the Schowengerdt, Strack, Kamp, Middlekamp, Blattner, Hilgedieck, Huckereide, and Steuart families and/or others who may have a cultural or historical interest in the Schowengerdt family Mausoleum in Bellflower.

Richard Neal Schowengerdt
Son of John Herman Schowengerdt
Grandson of John William Schowengerdt
GreatGrandson of Ernst Schowengerdt

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