National Historic Site Recognition and Maintenance

Since our Mausoleum has been essentially restored, it is appropriate that we now rename this site as the Ernst Showengerdt Family Mausoleum Preservation Society. A new challenge is now before us. How long can we preserve this historic and cultural treasure? Last year Richard made an appeal asking that someone take up the work originated by one of the cousins, Theresa Blattner, to obtain recognition of the Mausoleum as a National historic landmark. However, to this date no one has volunteered and because the number of our family members who are willing and able to help maintain the Mausoleum has been dwindling over the years and the burden is resting now upon only a few, it is necessary that the family take steps soon to ensure its survival. This could best be provided by donating the Mausoleum to the state of Missouri in exchange for historic recognition and maintenance. Since none of the family members objected to this proposal Richard plans to contact the State of Missouri this year and present a proposal to the State that would include donation of Mausoleum to the State in exchange for establishment of historic site recognition, maintenance of the building, continued visitation privileges by family members, and burial rights within the Mausoleum if desired by any family members, all of which would extend into perpetuity. If the State accepts the proposal, the family would go forward with the necessary legal documents that would need to be signed by all living members of the family who have a vital interest in the Mausoleum. Richard would appreciate any comments concerning this plan.

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