1999 Reunions

There was a great SCHOWENGERDT REUNION on Friday, June 4th, which began at Christ United Methodist Church, 14506 39th Street, Independence, Missouri, with over 120 relatives in attendance.  The family members visited local Schowengerdt sites around Independence on Saturday and the Heritage Trip across Missouri started on Sunday morning, 6 June, and concluded on Monday, 7 June.  Sites of early German ancestors visited included Chamois, Herman, Berger, Marthasville, Warrenton, and Bellflower, among others.  Highlights on June 7th were:  (1) the Warren County Historical Museum, founded by Neal and Margaret Schowengerdt; (2) the former home of Ernst Schowengerdt in Warrenton and at the time of the reunion was occupied by Margarent Schowengerdt (now deceased), daughter of Franklin Schowengerdt; (3) the Ernst Schowengerdt Mausoleum in Bellflower; (4) the Schowengerdt Memorial Church in Bellflower; and (5) the private museum of Raymond and Vivian Layer in Bellflower.  The family has Dean Schowengerdt of the Frederick Schowengerdt clan to thank for this most successful reunion.  Further details on this reunion may be obtained from: Dean Schowengerdt and photos may be viewed at:  1999 Schowngerdt Reunion


Richard and Emiko had another great reunion on Richard’s Grandmother Strack’s side of the family in Washington, Missouri, on October 23rd!  There were over 80 present counting small children who are also the descendants of this notable line.  See the report and lots of nice photos at: Brenbeck-Hauptstamm Strack I Reunion


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