Reunion In Germany



Karoline Marie Strack Schowengerdt

This portrait of Richard’s dear favorite Grandmother Karoline Marie Strack Schowengerdt is in the Mausoleum.

She often held Richard on her lap and fed him “Eine Brokfast” (hot milk and bread) when he was a child.  Richard has many fond memories of life with her when he lived in the big house in Bellflower during the depression years.  The family would shut off some of the rooms  in the Winter months to save heating costs and Richard had lots of fun playing hide-and-go seek in this big fourteen room house.


The family is deeply grateful for the following donations received during 1996/1997:

Mindy Schowengerdt Scott/Mark Scott, St. Peters, Mo.
Cindy Schowengerdt Bush/Mike Bush, Winfield, Mo.
Harold E. Schowengerdt/Sandy, Foster City, Ca.
John W. Schowengerdt (Bud)/Inez, Livingston, Ca.
Thelma Schowengerdt Loring/Philip Loring, Sacramento, Ca.
Dean Schowengerdt/Marjorie Schowengerdt, Wamego, Ks.
Margaret Schowengerdt (Daughter of Henry S.), Jefferson City, Mo.
Margaret Schowengerdt (Daughter of Franklin S.), Warrenton, Mo.
Mildred Kamp Dowling/Kerry Dowling, Montgomery City, Mo.
Helen Hoffman Schowengerdt Bassen/Ray Bassen, St. Louis, Mo.
Franklin D. Schowengerdt/Ellen J. Schowengerdt, Golden, Co.
Margaret & Henry B. Schowengerdt, Jefferson City, Mo.
Mary Berger Eisele, Mexico, Mo.

The family is very grateful for the major donations in 2001 by Franklin and Ellen Schowengerdt for the new shutters and for Richard and Emiko Schowengerdt for the new front door.  The family also appreciates other donations received on a regular basis from Mildred Dowling.



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